About Us
Our company as a sole proprietorship in 1978 under the name of REVSAN machining of automotive and machinery industry began its activities and in 1995 took the name of a corporation which is today. Our company has continued activity in 1998 with our first certificate which it was ISO 9001 and in 2005 continues to operate by certificate of ISO TS 16949.fabrika-dis

We export our products to various European countries, mainly into Germany. Also we export to some of FIAT factories in the world through TOFAŞ-FIAT.We have 4800 mt2 covered area. Our company has an extensive machine park like CNC 6 spindled Lathes, CNC Swiss Turnes , CNC C axis Lathes and CNC Vertical and Horizontal Machines with number of 50 CNC Lathes and measuring machines such as CMM Device, Surface Roughnes Apparatus, Hardness Apparatus, Profile Projections, Coating Control Apparatus

We are tier 1 supplier of Tofaş-FIAT since 1978 and tier 2 supplier of Ford, Renault, Porsche, Opel, Daimler-Benz, BMW.